Creating a nourishing, accessible learning space in nature, motivating youth to eat, think and act for a greener future, strengthening our communities from the roots:

~ Young Roots Farm at Camp Amy Molson ~

In 2017, Young Roots Farm at Camp Amy Molson

  • grew over 1900 lbs of vegetables with organic methods
  • composted and diverted 6000 lbs of food waste from the landfill
  • helped our young entrepreneurs sell 200 jars of pesto made from produce we grew.

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Young Roots Farm and Wilderness Camp

            Farm and Wilderness Camp 2017:                      Farm and Wilderness Camp 2018:

Farm and Wilderness Camp will happen from August 20th to 24th, 2018 for youth aged between 12-17 years old.  The week takes place at Camp Amy Molson, with access to cabins, about 200 acres of forest with trails and medicinal plants, a beautiful clear lake, a ½ acre mixed vegetable and chicken farm.

Through Farm and Wilderness Camp, kids and staff build their skills through fun workshops that use a range of activities such as farming, forest survival, cooking, arts, natural construction, and meditation. Through performing these activities, we open up deep conversations and reflections about history, food, heritage, science, healing, spirituality, and politics. The goal is that all participants are able to learn new ways to work with nature to become more healthy, conscious, and grounded people.

Garden Program

The vegetables at Camp Amy Molson started in 2011 with the Garden Program that often fed the local deer, gophers and sometimes the kids and staff at camp. Since then our plots have grown and our fencing has gotten stronger as has our conviction that getting hands dirty, planting seeds and watching them grow and pulling food from the soil are the most fun and delicious ways to foster healthy attitudes towards food and our environment.


Our Compost and Recycling Program

Camp Amy Molson is like a small village in the summer. Providing for upwards of 220 campers and staff over the summer requires resources and also generates waste. Our compost and recycling program is an important part of our effort to ensure a cleaner future for our youth.


Camp Amy Molson Pesto (CAMPesto) is a youth entrepreneur program geared towards the Leaders-in-Training at Camp Amy Molson (13-14 years old). With the help of the farm team and motivational speakers of all walks, they produce, market and sell Pesto while learning skills and sharing experiences that will hopefully guide them through adolescence.



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